Book Review Policies for Into The LIbrary

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Do you have a book you’d like to see appear in a review post on Into The Library? I love books! So much so, that I actually launched a whole new blog to keep up with all of the books I read, movies and television shows I love to watch, and even games I like to play. I’m extremely excited to welcome you Into The Library, and I hope you’ll read on and consider whether your book is a good fit for this blog.


My name is Alena, and I am the writer and editor behind Into The Library. While I have been reviewing books online for the past five years, my love of literature began on my mother’s lap, hearing the tales of Peter Rabbit and Mother Goose nursery rhymes. I’ve been an avid reader for more than twenty years, and while my tastes in genre have changed over the years, I love to revisit my childhood favorites with my daughter and her cousins.

Alena’s Preferred Genres
Pretty much anything! From historical fiction to social justice to memoir to homemaking, I love it all!


Kristine Rogers isn’t just my sister-in-law – she’s also my dear friend. And she’s a book lover, too! As a domestic missionary with her husband in the United States, and mother to four (soon to be five) young children, she doesn’t get a lot of time to herself to read, but she does step in from time to time to share her thoughts on a new book or two.

Kristine’s Preferred Genres
Amish Fiction + Cookbooks


Cindy Belleque is my mother-in-law, and one of the wisest women I know. A preschool teacher, para-educator, domestic missionary with her husband in the United States, mother to an adult son with autism, and an uber-creative sewist, she’s super busy, but still takes time to offer opinions on books now and then.

Cindy’s Preferred Genres
Epic Fantasy + Books on Autism + Craft Books (crocheting, quilting, sewing)


Please note the following policies regarding books sent for review consideration:

1. We only review finished hard copies of books – please do not send ARCS or e-copies as they will not be read or reviewed.

2. We publish book reviews a couple of ways: children’s books are reviewed weekly in a KidLit Fridays post, and all other books are reviewed as they are read and scheduling space permits.

3. Due to the large number of books that cross my desk, I only promise review dates in special circumstances, or for specific events or inclusions (gift guides, holidays). All other inclusions happen as I am able to read the book. I aim for no more than a month, but some books take more time, and all scheduling depends on the current volume of books and to the ratio of books to other types of posts, as well as outside commitments (I’m pregnant).

4. I only publish content that I can recommend to my readers (or, in very rare cases, if something is so horrible that I feel my readers must be warned – this has happened once in my years as a blogger). Should I decide that I cannot provide coverage on my blog, I am happy to provide an Amazon review instead, upon request. Either way, I will let you know what I decide, and send you a link if/when I write a review.

5. If I receive a book that does not interest me (or one of my other reviewers) or doesn’t fit my coverage or personal code of ethics (I do not review erotica, for instance), I reserve the right to decline coverage completely (this is rare).

6. No books shall be returned (exception: if I cannot provide coverage for a book, I will return it upon request with the provision of a shipping label). All books received are mine to keep or dispose of as I feel appropriate.

7. All book posts are shared to my 5,000+ social media followers on up to 4 platforms for 2 weeks following publication. All book posts are collected in categories for easy access by my readers. Should I feel that a book I receive is a good fit for an upcoming gift guide, I will include it (and send you a link) at no charge (gift guides inclusions for other products include a fee, which I waive for books).

All inquiries may be directed to – I reply personally to all inquiries (except copy/paste press releases, which I only reply to if I wish to see a copy of the book in question) within a week of receipt. My shipping address is available upon request if you prefer to simply mail finished copies of books you feel are relevant to my readers instead of sending individual pitches, however please do take a look around my blog and at my past book reviews before sending anything, as I only publish content that fits my blog. Thank you!

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